When joined the Concordia Esports Association back in 2014, I wanted to play for one their video game teams. Since they had no openings in the teams, I asked if there was something I could do for them. They told me that they needed "someone to do a bit of stuff" and I gladly accepted. Little did I know then that I would stay on for 5 years and end up as president. 
CHALLENGE: The club in 2014 had little to nothing besides this wonky neon green logo, and a scrapped "G" logo. To be a student club we could market to Concordia University students, be representative of our institution and our culture as gamers, we needed a rebrand. 
SOLUTION: I decided to rework the "G" style logo and make more representative of a "C" with an "E" built into it. It also became reminiscent of a power button that is on many electronics. As the Concordia "Electronic-Sports" Association, something in relation to electronics felt right. As for the colors, crimson red and gold, they are representative of Concordia University yet different: giving us our own identity. By giving us our own identity, we were able to create a brand that students can gravitate towards and support in our events or matches.

The shirt was a hit with Super Smash Bros. players

The schedule of the Concordia Esports Dota2 Team

Broadcast homepage on Twitch.TV

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