Not only am I a fan of their work (their stamps rock), I really like the minimalism of Paprika's page. Each object presented is eye catching and invites you to click on it to find out more.


Locomotive's minimalist look and sleek transitions from project to project is really interesting. I really like their use positioning of their social media icons on the left sidebar.

Tucker James Brooks, AMB Sports & Entertainment
Britt Davis, AMB Sports & Entertainment

While it is just a dribble page, I really like how Britt Davis has listed her skills and backed it up with a bunch of work in a grid.

Montreal Alouettes (2019 Rebrand)
The Montreal Alouettes' rebrand for the 2019 season is something that really grabs my attention. Their new minimalist look really grabs my attention and I see it as a company I'd like to work for as a designer.
Kim Kyu Ryung // "Kyune", SPOTV
Kim Kyu Rung's work has been the source of my inspiration for as long as I can remember. Not only that, she provides excellent advice and tips! Working in broadcast design or branding for a sports/esports company would be a path I would love to follow.  
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