Dimitri Kontogiannos is a Montreal based artist. Interested in sports, video games, and automobiles. Specialized in strategic branding, marketing and business communication. His work has been exhibited previously at the Musee des Beaux Arts of Montreal and the Montreal Olympic stadium. True to his Greek heritage, he also loves his olives and feta cheese.
Person of Inspiration:  Kim Kyu Ryung // "Kyune", SPOTV
Kim Kyu Ryung has been an artist that I have striven to emulate and learn from. Being the first artist, that works on esports broadcasts, that I was able to interact with and ask questions to, she had a resonating impact with me. Her art and creative approach to print work and broadcast graphics has been the source of inspiration of much of my work. She was able to forge her own style while maintaining signature elements across many different styles of work, and still properly providing the viewer with the necessary information for broadcasts.  
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